“ZАPOROZHYE HANDLING COMPANY” LLC (“ZАPOROZHHANDLING” LLC) testifies to You its respect and welcomes to our web site.

We are a certified handling company in civil aviation. The main direction of rendering services – “The functioning of air transport infrastructure”. Taking into consideration the high level of rendering services according to the decision of the certified commission of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, “ZAPOROZHHANDLING”LLC has got State Conformity Certificates, giving the right on rendering services of aviation fuel supply of air transportation and works (aviation fuel supply, ground tanking, preparing to fueling and fueling to fueling in fuel tank trailer, fueling airplanes) (№OZH-CKO-106-02 from 18.04.2012); handle of passengers and baggage (check-in and registration of passengers, their AC boarding and AC leaving, handle of baggage, its AC loading and AC reloading,  registration of relevant transport documentation (№OZH-CKO-105-02 from 18.04.2012); ground administration (№OZH-CKO-104-02 from 18.04.2012) in “International Airport Zaporozhye”.

The main task of our enterprise is constant ensuring of aviation fuel supply, providing a full range of services to the subjects of aviation activities in strict compliance with the requirements and standards for aviation security. The enterprise has its own material and technical base, the work collective is formed of highly skilled professionals with large experience in civil aviation. We are ready to accept all those who wish to operate flights to our region, to provide maximum help and support!

According to the General agreements with “International Airport Zaporozhye” “ZAPOROZHHANDLING”LLC provides a full range of services on:

Aviation fuel supply of air transportation

Handle of passengers, baggage

Ground administration

Provision of the services to the passengers in the CIP-HALL of the improved comfort

Provision of laboratory services

In order to simplify the work maximally, there are draft contracts in the Partners’ section of our Web site on providing services of AC fueling, ground and airport administration and services provision to the passengers in the CIP- Hall of the improved comfort.

I invite You to cooperation and hope to establish long-term and mutually beneficial contacts.

With best regards, Vitaliy Pavelko