Information Sheet about International Airport Zaporozhye

Enterprise “International Airport “Zaporozhye” is one of the structural parts of Ukraine Aviation Transport System. There is a run-way (2500 x 42 m), equipped with modern lightening and radio navigation facilities. It makes it possible to accept and depart the aircrafts of almost all the types at any time day and night even when the meteorological conditions are rather difficult.

There is an air-terminal complex, providing to passengers comfortable terms before the AC departure or after the AC arrival. There are also a café-bar and a comfortable hotel in the building of air-terminal complex. There is also a CIP-HALL of improved comfort, meeting all modern demands, where You can have a good time with Your friends before the flight, drinking a cup of tea or coffee or playing billiards.

For very important persons there is a VIP-HALL with a high level of service, meeting all strict demands.

The load terminal of airport provides access, dispatch and safety of any load.

The airport executes regular flights to Kiev, Moscow, Istambul, Antaliya, Churgada, Sharm-El-Sheih by the aircrafts YAK-40, YAK-42, AN-24, AN-140, BOING-737, MD-82. Charter flights and cargo ones are executed to many countries of CIS, Europe, Asia and Middle East.


Tel.:+38 (061) 227 05 79, 721 45 31,

Information office : +38 (061) 721 46 09

Fax: +38 (061) 227 05 79

Customs: +38 (061) 721 43 36, 721 46 45

Boundary: +38 (061) 721 43 09, 721 46 95

Hotel: +38 (061) 721 46 39

General information about airport Zaporozhye (OZH) – Ukraine

IATA Code – OZH ;

ICAO Code –  UKDE ;

Airport name : Zaporozhye

Located in the city: Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Time zone: +2.0

Height over the sea level: 114 m

General Director – Viktor Beskupskiy  (061) 227 05 78

Aviation Security Deputy General Director – Stephan Kozar  (061) 721 43 41

Chief Engineer – Lomachinsky Anatoly (061) 721 43 66

The airdrome of International airport Zaporozhye has got the following elements

A run-way with artificial covering (armored concrete-reinforced concrete), which is 2500m length and width 60m:

–         working part – 42m, and

–         two reinforced asphalt-concrete curbs (9m from both sides).

The planned unpaved part, which is adjacent along the run-way is

–         in the east – 120m

–         in the west – 150m

The free zone on the ends of the run-way from the both take-off rates – 300m

The run-way is constantly being used.

TW N1 with length 980m – asphalt-concrete. Width – 21m; together with the reinforced curbs – 26m.

The Taxiway is constantly being used.

Ramp, which size is 200m x 254m has got covering:

– partly cement-concrete

– partly PAG -XIV

– partly asphalt-concrete

On the ramp there are following parking areas (PA) for AC types:

  • 1 PA for AN-124 (RUSLAN);
  • 1 PA for IL-76;
  • 3 PA for TU-154;
  • 4 PA for TU-134;
  • 1 PA for YAK-42;
  • 1 PA for AN-24;
  • 1 PA for YAK-40.

The helicopter landing area is also marked for helicopter L A.

The airdrome coverings are marked according NAS CA-86 demands.

There is a reserve unpaved run-way, which size is 2100 m x 85 m adjoining to the run-way from the west; it is marked according NAS CA-86 demands.