Dear  Partners!sert-adm

In order to simplify coordination we offer You the forms of contracts with “ZAPOROZHHANDLINDLING” LLC.

Contract with non-residents (Russian-English).

In order to coordinate all technological processes and to control the quality of services our company “ZAPOROZHHANDLING” LLC renders a full complex of services on airport and ground administration in “International Airport Zaporozhye”, including functions of the representative of Airline which deals not only with AC servicing and crew, but the passengers of the airline as well.

Besides, the company “ZAPOROZHHANDLING” is ready to act as the agent with aviation authorities of «International airport  “Zaporozhye».

The quality of services, rendered by “ZAPOROZHHANDLING”LLC is confirmed by   Conformity Certificate N OZH–CKO-104-02 issued by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine on 18/04/2012.

Considering all the above mentioned and in order to ensure maximum comfort, to save time and to get more services of high quality in “International airport Zaporozhye”, “ZAPOROZHHANDLING” LLC invites to cooperation and suggests to consider the possibility of signing the contracts on airport and ground administration of Your airline in our airport.

We are ready to consider all your wishes and offers on tel./fax.:

+ 38 061 721-43-15, +38 061 721-45-40, 050 452-50-44 (Igor), 050 342-84-24 (Hellen), or e-mail: