Sale of aviation fuel and AC fueling

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In order to simplify coordination we offer the forms of contracts with “ZAPOROZHHANDLINDLING” LLC.

Contract with non-residents. (Russian-English)

“ZAPOROZHHANDLING”LLC is proud to offer AC fueling services of Your Airlines by the aviation fuel for jet-engines in “International Airport “Zaporozhye”.  According to the Conformity Certificate №OZH–CKO-106-02 issued by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine on 18/04/2012 “ZAPOROZHHANDLING” LLC renders a full range of services on aviation fuel supply of air transportation and works in “International Airport Zaporozhye”, including: aviation fuel supply, ground tanking, preparing to fueling and fueling to fueling in fuel tank trailer, AC fueling. The fuel quality is confirmed by the certified laboratory. The activity of LLC “ZAPOROZHHANDLING” on AC fueling is insured by PJSC “Ukrainian Fire Insurance Company”.

We are also proud to inform that in 2012 our company was successfully inspected by IATA and was registered as a member of IATA FUEL QUALITY POOL (IFQP). The main task of the enterprise is the permanent ensuring of aviation fuel to the airlines in strict compliance with the requirements and standards for aviation security. The enterprise has its own material and technical base, the work collective is formed of highly skilled professionals with large experience in civil aviation.

Due to direct contracts with aviation fuel producers “ZAPOROZHHANDLING”LLC guarantees constant aviation fuel supply to airlines within the whole year. Among our partners there are such airlines as “International Airlines of Ukraine”, “Wind Rose”, “Motor-Sich”, “Konstanta”, «CHORS», «Shannon Air International» (Ireland), «Air Link International Ltd.» (Canada ), «Challenge Aero AG» (Switzerland) and many others.

“ZAPOROZHHANDLING” LLC has proved itself as a reliable partner and considering the specific of the market, there is always a strategic stock of aviation fuel in the warehouse at  Zaporozhye airport. We can provide the necessary quantities of fuel in time both by road and railway transport.

      We are ready to consider all your wishes and offers on tel./fax.:

+ 38 061 721-43-15, +38 061 721-45-40, 050 452-50-44 (Igor), 050 342-84-24 (Hellen), or e-mail: